The topopacker is a small, maneuverable machine that can be quickly moved to the site of operation by a delivery truck, for example. By charging it with a wheel loader, it offers the possibility of building flood barriers or securing endangered dikes in a short time.

The machine is equipped with a crawlers and is controlled by one person by remote control. By laying two tubes directly next to each other and then saddling them with a third tube, it enables protective walls of any height. There is about 60m of tube length on one textile roll. The tube length can be extended virtually endlessly by inserting the next roll.

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Efficient flood protection: The hourly output of the topopacker corresponds to an equivalent of approx. 420 emergency personnel and 10,000 sandbags.

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Flexible use: If textiles are held in stock, the topopacker can be used as a flexible deployment device to bild protective structures at a wide variety of locations.

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Strong protection: Due to their cohesive structure, erosion protection and higher weight than water, geotextile tubes offer a strong protective barrier that can be flexibly supplemented with additional tubes.

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Quickly deployable: The small dimensions of the topopacker make it the ideal disaster response machine, as it can be moved quickly and easily to the field. A box truck (Mercedes Sprinter or similar) or small trailer are ideal.

Outlook: autonomous flood protection

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