The topomover is a universal machine for laying topotubes - endless geotextile tubes - directly on site. Its key feature is to lay topotubes fast, with low manpower and therefor highly efficient. The machine can be efficiently integrated into site operations. The winding technology makes it possible to produce tubes of any length.

The kinematics of the boom, with two corrugated edge belts, is capable of stacking the topotubes and filling them with the intended filling material. Straight line structures, such as levees and dams, can thus be built in a short time and fully automatically. The machine is operated with a hook lift system by means of a trailer and towing device.

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Efficient dam & Embankment construction: Due to the automation, the machine is able to lay 150 m of tubes per hour with one machine operator.

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Winding technology: Worldwide unique and internationally patented winding technology with which endless tubes can be created.

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Conveyor technology: The articulated design of the boom enables the topomover to be efficiently integrated into the logistics chain so that the driving and pick-up level remains stable relative to the changing laying level during the laying process.

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Flexible areas of application: The highly functional and flexible design makes the topomover suitable for a wide range of different Applications in the construction sector .

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