Tailing Dams, Mining

The settling ponds for collecting the residues of mining, the so-called tailings, are often enclosed by dams. The stability of these dams is of great importance because of the sludge constituents, some of which are toxic to the environment. Composite construction with geotextile tubes can greatly increase the safety of these dams. There are various fields of application.

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Internal erosion: Continuous seepage water can lead to scouring and thus endanger the stability of the dam. The resilient design of the dam is also gaining importance against the background of environmental influences.

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External erosion: The geotextile tubes provide additional protection for the dam core, so that the design of the top layer becomes less important.

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Ground movement: As a flexible but cohesive structural element, the tube provides increased protection against cracking during earthquakes. The tube can, for example, compensate for settlements in the ground, unlike rigid structures made of concrete.

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Tailings shoring: the tubes can compensate for missing soil properties and allow the dam to be built from tailings despite, for example, the material's inability to absorb shear forces.


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Tailing Dams

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