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Horizontal soil filters

Retention filter basins are used for the short-term buffering and filtering of precipitation runoff from combined and separate systems as well as road drainage. In conventional construction, a vertical soil filter is predominantly used to filter the water.

Geotextile bag dams represent an alternative approach of an innovative horizontal filter structure. The retention basin can be traversed by one or more filter dams, which drain off the filtered water via drainages. In addition to new construction, older retention basins can thus be easily retrofitted with a treatment stage. If the dam structure is used as an outlet at the same time, the filter substrate is included in the flow-through construction.

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Filtration: To achieve the cleaning performance, the filter section inside the dam is designed depending on the width of the dam and the backfilled filter substrate.

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Volume increase: In traditional vertical soil filters, the entire soil of the tank is filled with a layer of filter sand. By installing the filter dams horizontally, the volume saved can be used as retention space.

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Drainage system: The drainage systems traditionally installed in the ground for draining off the purified water can be mechanically inserted into the filter dams.

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Retrofittability: If it is an existing retention basin without filtration capacity, it can be upgraded to purify the water by installing small dams. A simple way of retrofitting.

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