Separation dams and bypasses

In order to establish water continuity of stream and river courses, separation dams can be placed to delimit water bodies. This solves the problem that as flow velocity decreases, lakes and ponds become increasingly silted up as particles carried by the stream settle out.

When constructing a floodway, the use of topotubes offers great advantages both in terms of construction and money.

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Slim dam structure: geotextile tubes can be used to build slim yet stable dams. In this way, the lake loses as little of its volume as possible due to the dam structure that is added.

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Massive cost advantages: Due to the composite structure of the tubes, often the sludge deposited in the pond can often be installed directly in the dam in a stable manner. Removal and landfill costs of the sludge are eliminated.

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Retention volume: the pond or lake can still be used as a retention area. The erosion-resistant core of the dam allows it to overflow during high water levels.

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