PLATHO is a simulation tool for decision support and process guidance. By means of the simulation it is possible to react individually to an upcoming flood and to generate possible scenarios for the necessary flood protection processes. The simulation is based on the current flood or water level forecast.

Based on the analysis according to process time, costs, number of required emergency forces, a well-founded decision for alerting can be made. PLATHO allows in its expansion stage the direct generation of loading lists and deployment instructions. Thus, flood protection materials (dam beams, etc.) can be deployed in a targeted manner and the construction teams can be instructed.

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Web service: PLATHO is provided as a web service. The powerful servers guarantee short simulation times and comply with municipal standards such as ISO 27001.

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Flexible simulation parameters: Decide before an operation - based on the actual situation - how many trucks and task forces are available to you. PLATHO takes these input parameters into account when generating scenarios.

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Decision support: Analyze different scenarios. At a glance you can see the effects of, for example, a late decision to raise the alarm. Experience values are thus supported by quantifiable figures.

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Uniform database: Maintain only one database and generate from PLATHO not only deployment scenarios, but also documentation and reports on your flood protection process.

Implementation in Cologne (Köln - Germany)

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