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flood protection concept

Flood protection concepts are a combination of the analysis of hydrological studies on the potential hazard situation and the derivation of possible measures to reduce the negative effects of flooding. Both the construction of permanent protective measures, such as embankments and dams, can be an option, as well as temporary mobile measures.The examination of suitable mobile measures with regard to their feasibility (who has to do what and when) as well as the balancing between permanent and temporary protection can be part of the flood protection concept.

While in the best case a control of the water incl. retention possibilities seem to be possible, it can be that mobile protection measures become necessary at other places.For the simulation and analysis of mobile measures, the topocare team has built up a unique expertise with outstanding references in Cologne and Passau.

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Feasibility analysis: Do you already have mobile flood protection measures in mind, but you do not know how many people you need when and where to set them up? We can check this and provide detailed information on feasibility and process design.

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Scenario analysis: With the help of the simulation, it is possible to run through different flood scenarios and already create schedules for their occurrence in advance. In case of occurrence, a concerted reaction can be taken.

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Plan the next flood in a targeted manner: A major difference from current floods is that you proceed with a concept in a planned manner and have already defined responsibilities and measures in advance.

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Measure selection: Through simulation, we are able to provide quantitative statements on the selection of suitable measures. This complements your experience knowledge and leads in sum to a sound analysis.

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