Flood protection embankment

The flood protection embankment uses the same advantages of geotextile tubes as a climatic embankment. It is used at flowing waters, for stationary object protection. The embankment can also be deliberately used for landscape modeling, e.g. to guide the water in predetermined directions during heavy rainfall events.

The core of the embankments is made of geotextile tubes filled with earth. Without having to build a large earth wall, a high level of safety is thus achieved on a very small footprint. At the same time, the structure blends seamlessly into the landscape.

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Safety: The geotextile tubes ensure the integrity of the embankment even at high flow velocities. Where normal earthen embankments erode, this embankment remains.

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Area requirement: Due to the composite construction method can be built on a small area. Thus, the rampart made of geotextile tubes can almost be interpreted as a wall.

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Soil installation: The tube structure takes over essential properties, such as the necessary shear strength or erosion resistance.

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Savings potential: Both the smaller area required and the material compatibility of the method are an advantage. The costs of operating the structure are lower because the revetment does not require any special maintenance.

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